Privacy and Data Policy

Privacy Policy

The website is owned and operated by Idaho Cleaning Co. Idaho Cleaning Co (ICC) is committed to protecting the personal information given to us by visitors to our website. Any information that you give to ICC will be held with the utmost care, and will not be used in any way to which you have not already consented. A more detailed explanation follows.


Much of the general information on our website(s) can be accessed without needing to register or log in; we therefore collect no information about you whatsoever when you are accessing these generic areas of our website. To search our database or website of various services you may select different search methods.

Anonymous: You may elect to remain completely anonymous when you search our website(s). If you select this option, we do not collect any personal information from you. This option provides limited access to various services and perhaps your account information. For example, some services or service discounts may, or may not, be disclosed to anonymous users.

In selecting or remain completely anonymous, you agree that your use of our website(s) does not, in and of itself, create an agency relationship between you and the sales associate, or with ICC company or any affiliate company. However, further interactions between you and the sales associate (including contacts via e-mail, website forms, phone or in person) may result in establishing an agency relationship under the laws of your state, or the state where the agent is located. Agency Disclosure information for Idaho and Washington where ICC operates is available upon your request.

“Request more information about an account or contacting us.” Your request will be quickly forwarded to ICC or the available agent. By clicking “Request More Information, Contact, Contact Us, Send Message, (or any similar action)” about a service, you consent to being contacted using the contact information you provide – including phone contact, even if the phone number you provided is listed on any national or state “Do Not Call” registry. Furthermore, by requesting contact about a services you may be offered the opportunity to opt-in to receiving additional, ongoing contacts (by phone and/or e-mail) about other services meeting your criteria, or about your local services industry in general. Such ongoing communications will always include instructions for how to unsubscribe from receiving future communications

 Browser information collected on the website: As with many website operators, ICC analyzes our website logs to constantly improve the value of our website to our visitors. We use internal and external service to provide real-time reporting to us, and our authorized associates, of browser accesses to our site. This includes page views, unique views, unique visitors, repeat visitors, frequency of visits, peak-volume traffic periods, and other information. In our use of this service, we do not gather, request, record, require, collect, or track any Internet user’s personal or identifiable information.

Our website(s) may also create a session cookie, or other cookies, in your browser to keep track of whether or not you are logged in.

Our provider creates a cookie on our website to identify which back-end technology is serving our website(s) content.

We use third-party technologies. In some cases, we may, or may not, anonymize or remove your identifying computer or device data / information. For example, Google, Google Maps, Google Fonts, Google’s reCaptcha services, YouTube, Facebook, etc.… all of which have their own privacy policies. Third-party privacy policies can be found by performing a simple search for the third-party’s privacy and data policies and technologies.

Children 17 years of age and younger must get parental consent prior to using our website(s).


Except as disclosed in this policy, ICC does not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease personal information collected on our website(s) to any third-party.


ICC provides you with the opportunity to know about the information that ICC holds about you, together with the ability to correct, amend or delete, as appropriate, any such information that is incomplete or inaccurate. Should you wish to exercise any of these options or should you have any questions or concerns about information that ICC has collected in relation to you, please feel free to contact us. Specific details on how to correct, change or remove your information or subscription information from our e-mail or phone lists are quickly provided at your request.


If for any reason you believe that ICC has not adhered to these privacy principles, please notify us (Contact Us), and we will endeavor to review and correct the problem promptly. Please use the words “Privacy Policy” in the subject line (or at the beginning of the message box), and/or the email body. 


Our website(s) may provide links to various websites that ICC does not control. When you click on one of these links, you will be transferred out of our website and connected to the website of the organization or company that you selected. Even if an affiliation exists between our website(s) and a third-party website, we exercise no control over linked website(s). Each of these linked website(s) maintains its own independent privacy and data collection practices and procedures. If you visit a website that is linked to our website(s), you should consult that website’s privacy policy before providing any personal information.


Any personally identifiable information that you provide to ICC will be collected and maintained directly on servers located in the United States and perhaps Canada. If you are located outside the United States, this means that any information you provide will be transferred abroad. While ICC is committed to providing your information with the highest level of privacy protection, we believe you should know that the general level of protection for personal information in the United States, or Canada, may not be the same as that provided in other countries, including those that belong to the European Economic Area. 


By using this website, you signify your agreement to the terms of this privacy policy. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not disclose any personal information through the website(s). ICC may modify this privacy policy at any time at its discretion and modifications are effective upon being posted on our website(s). You are responsible for reviewing this privacy policy periodically to ensure that you are aware of any changes to it.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy on our website(s), please contact us.

Reviewed/Updated: April, 2024 Idaho Cleaning Co